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Magento e-Commerce Solutions

We have over 10 years of experience developing High-end e-Commerce sites in the Los Angeles area based on the Magento platform.

What is the Magento platform?
Magento Open Source (previously “Magento Community Edition”) is an open-source (free) e-commerce software platform based on the Zend PHP framework. Although the core Magento platform comes with a ton of features, other third party developers have also created a large number of ad-ons that can expand the core functionality. This enables the developer to implement almost any feature request that the client may have.

Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC): We follow a SDLC method agreed to by the client.

Business Analysis: We evaluate your business needs, current and future goals, business processes, interview users of the system and consult with support personnel. Based on our discoveries, we develop a plan and proposal for your review.

Magento Specific Elements: Based on the client’s needs, we recommend various themes and ad-ons/extensions that will enable certain business functionality. The product data structure is also created based on the review of the client’s products, product categories, product attributes,…

System Design: The proposed system is designed based on the proposal agreed upon. These include software components, hardware, operating systems, programming, communications, integration with internal and external systems and security issues.

Graphics / Look and Feel Design: All website pages created will be Responsive (The pages will create the best user experience no matter the screen size). The client can work with our designers to create a custom look and feel OR we can help the client select an already created look and feel / theme that can be easily modified and adapted to their design ideas.

Development: The new system is developed under the guidance of a seasoned Project Manager. All tasks are defined in our Project Management System with full transparency to the client.

Reporting: Based on the needs of various personnel of the client, reports are created to assist them in daily processes. These include financial audit and reconciliation reports.

Performance Tuning: When a website is fully developed and deployed, we introduce a series of setups to make the Magento website run as fast as possible

  • Reviews of Database settings, tables and indexes to make sure the database performs at an optimum efficiency
  • Reviews of Linux and PHP settings
  • Introduction of a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to cache static elements (images,…) so the website pages load as quickly as possible
  • Optimization of all images to reduce image footprint which in turn leads to faster loading pages

Security: Since the website is a financial website, we take extra measures to make sure the website is extremely secure

  • SSL: We will make sure a valid and b SSL certificate is in place
  • Server Firewall: We will perform over a dozen tasks to make sure the server is secure including setting up a server firewall
  • Security Layer: A off-server middle layer security infrastructure is also introduced to make sure malicious attempts through the website are blocked
  • User Roles: User IDs are created with various roles to make sure client personnel only have access to relevant information they need.

Testing: Unit and Regression testing will be performed on Windows and Apple PCs, various tablet types and sizes, various mobile phones and sizes, and all major browser types to ensure the best user experience.

Training: We have developed training materials that we will modify based on the client’s specific business practices and provide various departments with trainings materials tailored to them. That said, we do on-site training, as needed as we do understand that after the employees start using the system, they will have various questions come up from time-to-time.

Deployment: The software is deployed to the client’s server(s). If the client needs to procure a server, we can help in that process by recommending server specifications. The go-live can be arrnaged for after-hours so there is minimal affect on the site’s users. The deployment can be also phased-in if there is a need for that arrangement.
Post Deployment Monitoring: All processes and users

Support / Maintenance:

  • We have various support plans to fit your budget and needs. That said, we understand that an e-commerce website needs special support to make sure the site is always accessible to the users.
  • Software Updates, Security Patches: From time to time, various types of software updates are released. These could be for the operating system, its components, Magento platform,…. The updates are always applied in a timely manner to ensure a high level of security.
  • Uptime Monitoring: The server, its services and the website will be continuously monitored by our monitoring software and in cases of any outages, our staff are immediately alerted.
  • Daily Malicious Attacks review: The server firewall and security layer logs are monitored daily to ensure a good defense against bad actors.

Integration: We can integrate your Magento store to HubSpot, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Jet, Facebook Ads, Google Shopping, GeoTax, Constant Contact, Mailchimp and many more….

Mobile Application: Need a mobile application to provide a better shopping experience for the users? Let us create that for you. We have a compatible Magento mobile application which we can customize based on your specific needs. An example feature is the ability to send New Products or Sales alerts to the users of the mobile application.

PCI Compliance: Complete PCI Compliance implementations for utmost security and compliance to Credit Card Processing regulations.

Shipping Management: This is a software that can be utilized in addition to the Magento platform. It is designed to streamline the fulfillment process and synchronize your business with the most popular sales channels and mail carriers.

  • Import orders from Magento or any marketplace (eBay, Amazon,…)
  • Easily compare shipping rates and services
  • Print labels for FedEx®, UPS®, USPS®, DHL® & more
  • Get special shipping rate discounts
  • Package tracking sent back to your Magento store and users

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Implementations: We implement various CRM systems based on the client’s specific needs. CRM systems are marketing and sales software that help companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. We offer full integration between Magento and CRM software.

RMA: Establishing complete RMA software and manual practices to ensure the highest standards of customer service around returns and exchanges

Inventory Management / Multi-warehouse: If the client has multiple warehouses that store inventory, we can create a multi-warehouse Magento setup which enables the client to:

  • Keep track of inventory across warehouses
  • When selling products on the website, the Magento website will automatically select the closest warehouse to the user which has inventory of individual items ordered and not only place the order against that specific warehouse, but also calculate the correct shipping charges from each specific warehouse location to the user. This will ensure accurate shipping charge calculation and facilitate streamlined order processing.

Magento Extension Creation: If the client needs a specific functionality that does not match to features of Magento or a third-party developed extension, we can develop that feature according to Magento standards.

Marketing, Advertising & SEO: After the website goes live, we can do various marketing efforts in order to gain sales as explained in our Marketing section of this website.

Magento 1 vs Magento 2: Powering hundreds of thousands of online stores, Magento 1 is one of the most scalable and robust e-Commerce platforms in the market. So why do we need Magento 2? The answer lies in the newly built software architecture and modern technological solutions that the next generation of Magento offers. Shall we upgrade our Magento 1 store to Magento 2? In most cases, the answer will be yes. Magento 2 is faster, more flexible, and based on newer technology. Let’s compare Magento 1 to Magento 2:

Feature / Aspect Magento 1 Magento 2
Front-End Library no library LESS
HTML5 / CSS3 support no yes
Search SOLR Elastic Search
Paypal external internal
Cache EE – Full Page Caching (FPC) Varnish or FPC (EE)
Javascript Prototype jQuery
Extension Store Connect Marketplace
PHP <5.6 5.6 / 7.x
Page Speed   ~50% faster

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