Common Software Development Design Patterns Found In Magento eCommerce


Magento eCommerce Design Pattern – Magento eCommerce is an open-source PHP e-Commerce platform based on the Zend Framework. Originally developed by Varien, Inc. the Magento Platform implements a number of different Design Patterns to accomplish different software engineering goals. Here are some of them:

MVC Magento eCommerce Design Pattern

– Model View Controller is a programming/architectural magento eCommerce design pattern. It divides the application into three connected parts. The MVC pattern decouples the Models, Controllers, and Views. It allows developers to reuse the code and develop in parallel.

Lazy Loading – The Lazy Loading ensures that the data is requested/loaded only when it’s necessary. For example, the following code snippet will query the database only when we iterate over the collection or load an item. Mage::getModel(‘customer/customer’)->getCollection()


– As you may already know, Magento eCommerce has an event-driven architecture. Magento eCommerce design pattern allows developers to create observers that listen to different events in the application.


– The Registry Design pattern allows developers to pass data between scopes. This is done by storing and retrieving key-value pairs in the registry. Mage::register($key, $value);


– This Design pattern is useful when we need to allow only one object to coordinate actions in the application. It ensures that only one instance of the same class can be instantiated.

Front Controller

– The Front Controller design pattern ensures that there is only one point of entry to the application. In Magento, it’s the index.php which handles all the requests. It then routes them to the corresponding controllers.

Magento Design Patterns offer time-tested solutions to various design problems. We listed only some of the design patterns that Magento implements. There are others such as Factory pattern, Iterator pattern and others. 

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