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Please do not hesitate to contact us via the form below to discuss your needs in detail. We are always ready to help you select the right path for your projects. And remember,

We provide FREE proposals for most project sizes.

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    We are a U.S.-based technology company that has been providing solutions for small, large and start-up companies for over 10 years. Our senior level Project Managers have over 30 years of software industry experience.

    Initially, we will have a meeting to discuss the overall initiative. Next step will be to arrange a meeting with one of our Business Analysts to gather information from various stakeholders within your organization about how the business is run and what the needs of each unit are. Then, those requirements are discussed, developed / modified until all stakeholders are at a stage to sign-off on the requirements. The next steps will be to establish a formal SDLC, development, texting, QA, deployment and maintenance while live.

    We are often asked this question and the simple answer is, we will not know until the requirements are fully defined and we go through our processes to create a project plan with budgets attached.

    As we start, a Project Manager is assigned to your project. We also require a point person to manage the project on the client side. All tasks are managed through are Project Management and Ticketing System which client’s stakeholder have access to track progress and respond to requests.

    The security of your content, data and sensitive information is of utmost important to us. There are various tasks we perform to make sure your content and data are always safe as explained on this website.

    It depends on the size of the website, its current and future growth patterns. The options are:

    • Kento Systems Servers
    • Your own dedicated managed and located with a hosting company
    • Your own dedicated server hosted in your premises
    • Cloud-based server


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