Magento eCommerce Agency Building Better Custom Websites


The most successful e-commerce businesses aim to set themselves apart from their competition. Successful e-commerce websites offer custom features that their competitors do not have. They are able to achieve this through the ability to fully customize their website. #Magento is the top e-commerce platform that is used for creating a fully customizable website. Kento Systems is an Magento eCommerce Agency Building Better Custom Websites for our clients in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

What Magento Has To Offer

Magento is an open-source and fully customizable e-commerce development platform. Businesses choose to create their e-commerce website using Magento in order to add custom functionality to their website. There is wide community support available because Magento is an open-source platform. This wide community support allows Magento to be much more powerful and secure than other e-commerce platforms. There are many marketplaces that offer extensions for free and for purchase. These extensions allow your business to immediately add additional functionality to your website. Additionally, businesses are able to turn their own ideas for their website into a reality through custom development. Customization of the website is not just limited to the look and feel of the website. Magento allows businesses to add custom business logic directly into their website. This is what allows Magento to be such a powerful platform for e-commerce businesses.

Magento eCommerce Agency Building Better Custom Websites

Kento Systems is a software development company located in Los Angeles, CA. We work with our clients to help analyze their business needs and design customized solutions to help their business grow.  We also listen to our clients about custom features they would like to see on their website and work to make it a reality. Our main goal is to make sure that our clients are able to have a website that is representative of their success.

Need Custom Development for Magento?

Please contact us at Kento Systems to discuss your Magento Custom Development needs in Los Angeles at 310-882-7755 or Contact-Us.


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