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Start-ups / Proof of Concept

A lot of great start-up project ideas go to waste because:

  • Not a lot of market landscape research has been done to validate the idea
  • Business Analysis has not been done to formulate the ideas as business processes
  • There is no Technical Architect behind the project to translate the ideas into systems that support the idea now and allow support for a roadmap of future versions.
  • No reliable team behind the project to make sure the implementation is done correctly, according to standards with correct database designs behind it.
  • No adequate Testing and QA has been performed before the product is released to the market.

What can we do for you:
As a first step, we work with you and understand your idea in full detail. Then we will work on creating a Business Requirements Document that lists various features that need to be implemented from a business point of view (No technical designs yet).
We will brainstorm the ideas further with you, our Business Analysts and our/your Marketing teams, modify the business processes, define the various business components needed and finalize the Business Requirements Document.
The next step will be for our Systems Architects to define the technologies that need to be utilized.
We then move on to utilize our Graphics and User Experience Designers to create Wireframes, Proof-of-Concepts or even a very crude product. This is to enable you to get a better understanding of the project direction and/or present the idea to potential Seed Level or Venture Capital Investors. We can also create Project Plans and development budgets for you to incorporate into your Business Plan.
Upon a budget approval and funding, we can continue with the project.
Please make sure you check out our Node.js page: Node.js

Please make sure you check out our Node.js page for one of the platforms that we use to develop projects for start-ups:</a>