5 Skills of a Top-Notch Magento Developer Los Angeles


There are many skills that a top-notch Magento Developer Los Angeles should have. These include both hard, technical and soft skills.

The technical skills are the ones used in development and system administration.

The soft skills are the ones used on daily basis when working in a team of developers, agile development environment, providing excellent support to clients and cooperating with designers and e-commerce marketers.

A top Magento Developer Los Angeles should have excellent communication skills and be able to make fast decisions. He or she also needs to be very responsible – one small mistake and the online store can lose thousands of dollars. At Kento Systems, Inc., we believe that technical skills are not enough to succeed in the fast-paced market of e-commerce. That is why, every week, we spend some time going over and discussing the latest trends in e-commerce technology and software engineering, so that we can be up to date with industry news.

Some of the technical skills that every Magento Developer Los Angeles should have include a great eye for design, excellent front end web design and development skills, back end programming skills, and many more.

Kento Systems has a reputation for being one of the best Magento development agencies in Los Angeles because it first gets to know what the client’s expectations are and from there builds a plan around what needs to be done to reach those expectations. Our main goal is to produce a website that the customer can take pride in. It doesn’t stop there, if the client needs added features to the website, ongoing updates, questions asked, or training, go with a top-tier Magento team based out of Los Angeles, Kento Systems.  We will  step in to make sure those additional needs are met.

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