7 SEO Tips To Rank Up Your Magento Site


Kento SystemsEcommerce has made a huge impact on the market lately which has led both traditional stores and entrepreneurs-to-be to be seeking various e-commerce store options.

The demand for ecommerce stores is abundant but in order to achieve success, the process must be done correctly.  While there are many shopping platforms out thereMagento appears to be the most successful because of its user friendly vibe and powerful optimization. Below are simple tips used for boosting your Magento site ranking.

  1. Add Great Content to Your Store

If your objective is outranking the competition, make sure to write or curate interesting content, other than your product descriptions and sales pages.

  1. Aid Search Engines to Determine what your Images are About

Pictures on your store should have significant titles that represent your store.

  1. Don’t Duplicate Product Content

Each product should have its own unique description, even if it is only a slightly different version of another product. Find that difference and include that in the new description, even if it is something as simple as size or color.

  1. Use Extensions to Enhance UX

SEO rankings are more than just keywords and meta tags. They are also based on user behavior once they enter your ecommerce store. Corresponding Magento extensions installed, those will help improve customer satisfaction.

  1. Get Your Robots.txt File to Work for You

Google uses this file to index your website. The information you put in that file tells Google whether or not you want them to do so, and how you want them to do so. Try making the following modification to your robots.txt file: from Systems > Config > Design > HTML Heads > Default Robots’ setting and change it to “INDEX, FOLLOW”.

  1. Write out the Meta Fields

Using the backend of Magento, design a purposeful meta title and description for your ecommerce store. Edit your default title and default description text areas to something significant.

  1. Produce a Google Sitemap

From your configuration page go into the Google Sitemap settings and alter your settings so that sitemap generation is permitted.