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Mobile App Development

What is Mobile App Development?
Mobile App Development is a set of procedures involved in writing software that runs on various smartphones, tablets, gadgets, and smart watches. The three most popular Operating Systems (OS) running on smartphones are IOS, Android, and Windows.

Why Mobile Apps?
For many businesses, having a mobile app can boost e-commerce sales, drive traffic, increase the number of users, and provide seamless User Experience (UX). Kento Systems, Inc. can bring your e-commerce website to the most popular mobile platforms by building a cross-platform mobile app that is fully synced with your website and follows the same design and company brand.

What Types of Mobile Apps can We Build?
We have experience building successful mobile apps of the following types:

  • e-Commerce (standalone, Magento etc.)
  • Business start-ups
  • Games (2d, 3d, Unity)
  • Communities & Social Networks (Real-time chat, forums, networking)
  • Marketplaces (on-demand marketplaces for any niche)
  • On-demand solutions (Uber-like Functionality) (Professionals for hire, Taxi service,…)

What Technologies Do We Use?
We use both the native programming languages and modern Javascript frameworks to build high-performance mobile apps including:

  • Node.js
  • Swift (IOS)
  • Objective-C (IOS)
  • Java (Android)
  • React Native (Javascript framework for building IOS and Android apps)
  • Redux/Mobx (state management library for React / React Native)
  • GraphQL (A Query Language for REST APIs)

What Other Technologies Can We Integrate?

  • Google Cloud Platform (Firebase, Cloud Storage)
  • Machine Learning: Vision Recognition, Speech to Text, Translation, Natural Language Processing
  • Stripe, Paypal, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and other Payment Processors
  • Google Maps API
  • Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin Social Login
  • Hundreds of open-source frameworks and software packages