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Google Shopping Integration

The main reason for using Google Shopping Feeds is to upload your products so you can run ads against them. We will be able to track the ad all the way through the checkout process. However, there are different factors involved in creating a “good” feed and those are explained below. If you feed does not meet the Google standards, that may affect your CPC ad campaign expenditures.

Most Google Shopping product de-listings or accounts suspensions are because of the data creating a bad user experience. As a result, below are some of the guidelines we follow for creating your product feeds:

Feed Content and Content Optimization: Optimize Titles, Images, … to get better performance on Google Shopping

  1. Content: Need to have really good Titles, Descriptions and as many attributes (size, color, brand, …) as possible in order to create the best user experience
  2. Titles:
    1. The most critical value. It appears on ads.
    2. Max length: 150 characters
    3. Do not stuff the Title with keywords
    4. Include Brand, Color, Size,… (anything that will make the user make the best and easiest decision)
    5. Make sure the attributes that are not shown in the image, are included more towards the beginning of the Title. e.g. if the image does not represent to actual color, then move color closer to the beginning of the Title.
    6. Do not over-optimize the keywords. Do not replace key values with synonyms.
    7. Make sure the Titles are unique enough among all your products.
    8. Need to Titles to be designed in a way that the user knows exactly what product it is. Otherwise, you will be wasting a click. e.g., if the item is Plus-Size, make sure that is visible in the TitleThe following chart gives you a few examples on how to construct the Product Titles:CategoryKey Attributes to IncludeExample
      Apparel Product Type, Brand, Gender, Color, Size Ann Taylor Women’s Cardigan Sweater, Black (Size 7)
      Electronics Brand, Size, Differentiating Attributes Samsung 88″ Smart LED TV with 4K SUHD 3D Curved
      Hard Goods Brand, Quantity, Size Frontgate Wicker Patio Chair Set, Brown(4-Piece)
      Consumable Brand, Quantity, Size Coca-Cola – 24 pack, 12 fl oz cans
      Consumable Personalization, Color, Size, Occasion Personalized Wedding Invitation Frame, 4×6 inches,
  3. Images:
    1. Need to be the largest possible with best resolution (at least 800×800 resolution, Max file size on 16MB)
    2. Need to have a very light or white background
    3. Do not include an time-sensitive options to the images, e.g. a promotion
  4. Product Type Optimization
    1. Website Product Type: These are the category sub-category structure defined on your website
    2. Google Product Category: These are the Google standard category sub-category structures
  5. Product Color Optimization
    1. The Color specified in the Title must match the color on the actual product/landing page.
    2. The website color name may not match any specific Google color name. For example, there may be different shades of dark blue, each with a different name on your website. In those cases, in the feed to Google, we will match the color to the standard Google color but in the Title, we specify both color names with the Google standard color name in parenthesis. This is to not only ensure the best user experience, but also make sure the products are categorized and ranked properly on Google.
  6. Product Variant Optimization
    1. If the Product Title sent in the feed to Google contains a specific attribute/variant (color, size,…), we will make sure the url sent to Google is designed in a way that it will pre-select the specific attribute/variant specified in the feed when the user lands on that product page.
  7. Product Inventory:
    1. We setup inventory feeds from your site to Google that run multiple times a day. This is to make sure that if a user finds your product under Google, it will not be the case that there is not inventory of that same product.
  8. Feed Status Monitoring:
    1. We monitor feeds’ status daily to make sure there are no issues such as your products being rejected by Google. If we find such issues, they are corrected in a timely manner.

The following figure shown a product listing construct:

Differentiation: Need to differentiate your products from your competitors, especially if you are selling the same exact product.

  1. Merchant Promotions: Show the product offers / promotions you have on specific products.
  2. Product Ratings: Display the Product Rating to increase user confidence about a product and drive more traffic to your site.
  3. Trusted Stores: Display the Trusted Store indicator on the Google Product listing to indicate reliable shipping and excellent customer service.
  4. Local Inventory: Show users products near them by displaying the “In Store” label.

Experiment on Your Data: This is to identify which practices work best for your specific website and products. We perform a wide range of campaigns which include A/B testing to make sure we adjust the ad campaigns to your specific products.

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