Top Magento 2 Features – Additions & Improvements


Top #Magento 2 Features

Magento e-Commerce is an open-source e-Commerce platform originally developed by Varien, Inc in Los Angeles County. The platform is based on the PHP Zend framework. Magento 2 takes e-Commerce development to a whole new level. It covers all the features that exist in Magento 1. Top Magento 2 features include the following: It provides significant improvements in areas such as shipping, payments, caching & performance, catalog management, backups, PHP code, scalability, and TDD (Test Driven Development). Magento 2 has a new, next-generation architecture which allows developers to be more flexible. The robust infrastructure and caching mechanisms (Varnish) make critical pages such as catalog and checkout load almost 50% faster compared to Magento 1 powered websites. Magento 2 also provides built-in integration with Paypal, Braintree, and as payment methods.

Composer – The PHP Package Manager

Magento 2 uses Composer as its PHP package manager. With only a single command, all PHP packages can be updated and new ones can be installed. Composer allows developers to declare all the packages that the project should use. It manages the installation and update of the specified packages.

TDD – Test Driven Development

Magento 2 introduces its own testing framework. It includes various sections and areas such as functional, integration, performance, static, and more. Magento has released the MFTF (Magento Functional Testing Framework), Web API testing framework, Javascript testing framework and much more! The tests are located in <magento root directory>/dev/tests directory and include

├── functional  
├── integration  
├── js  
├── static  
└── unit 

Caching – Top Magento 2 Features

Magento 2 also offers better caching mechanisms (Varnish), more options, and caching categories. The categories include Configuration, Layouts, Blocks HTML output, Collections Data, Reflection Data, Database DDL Operations, EAV types and attributes, Integrations Configuration, Integrations API Configuration, Page Cache, Translations, Web Services Configuration (Web API Structure).

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