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HubSpot Integration

What is HubSpot?: HubSpot is an inbound marketing, sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that helps companies attract visitors, answer any questions they may have, track their visits to your site and convert leads to actual sales. It is an important marketing tool that can be used by various personnel in your organization.

We offer Integration Services between your e-Commerce websites, including Magento, and Hubspot, seamlessly making sure all needed data is passed to Hubspot.

The various Integration Points are described below:

1. Website Forms(This section is only for Website Forms (not registration):

  1. Website Forms examples that can integrated with HubSpot:
    1. Get Started
    2. Newsletter Signup
    3. Sample Request
    4. Contact Us
    5. B2B Inquiries
  2. Integration Process
    1. User fills out the fields and submits the Form. The Forms needs to capture an Email Address.
    2. Submission takes place to the corresponding page in HubSpot. For example, if the user has filled out the “Contact Us” page, the information is sent to the “Contact Us” page under HubSpot
    3. A Workflow is created under HubSpot for that user based on the Email Address supplied so your website personnel can send out a welcome email, track when the user has opened the email and do follow up to hopefully convert the lead in to a sale.
    4. Hubspot will add the user’s request as the most recent activity in the user’s HubSpot Activity page

2. Registration / Account Creation on the Website

  1. The user creates an account on the website using the registration form.
  2. The data gets sent over to Hubspot synching with the ‘Create an Account’ form on Hubspot.
  3. If the email account already exists then the customer’s Activity page in Hubspot is updated to reflect the registration.

3. Website Purchases: When a user purchases from the website, the order data gets sent over to Hubspot’s Deals page. This enables the marketing team to do a follow-up after the sale and also not perform un-needed marketing efforts.

4. Website Abandoned Cart: We can implement a mechanism that captures user’s Abandoned Carts on the website and sends the information to HubSpot. This enables the website personnel to follow-up in various ways (HubSpot, Calls, Emails,…) with the user in order to close the deals.

Kento Systems, Inc. takes the fear and anxiety out of the entire HubSpot integration process.