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Kento Systems

High-End Technology Solutions At the Speed of Business

Kento Systems, Inc. is a software development company in Los Angeles, CA (Proudly U.S-based, no offshore resources). We help analyze our client's needs based on the latest software development principles (SDLC), create Roadmaps, develop Business Analysis Documents and Technical Specification Documents, Manage Projects, Develop Solutions, Integrate with various systems, Perform Testing and QA, Secure and Optimize the environment and Maintain those software after go-live.


We support various types of clients in numerous industries including:

  • Entertainment Corporations
  • Utilities / Energy Corporations
  • Banks
  • High-end e-Commerce Sites
  • Wholesalers / Distributers
  • Startups / Proof of Concept
  • Medical Offices, Medical Devices
  • On-demand Services (Taxi, Professionals, Food, …)
  • High Fashion, Jewelry
  • Bargain Sites
  • Furniture / Kitchen Cabinets
  • Subscription-based Sites
  • Content-based sites (Informational, Magazine, Movie Festivals, Awards Festivals, …)
  • Construction
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Trading Platforms
  • Marketplace / Multi-Vendor Platforms
  • Mobile Applications including e-Commerce-based integrated with the main website platform
  • Cloud-based Solutions
  • and more….



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Startup Developer Company Los Angeles

Kento Systems, Inc. is a Startup Developer Company In Los Angeles that is gravitating towards Magento for its ease of use, durability and high profile in the e-commerce market place.

Magento eCommerce Customization Los Angeles

Looking for #Magento eCommerce Customization in Los Angeles? Our developers are experienced with creating customized solutions for our clients. Here at KentoSystems, we work closely with our clients every step of the way to ensure that we develop the exact solution you need. Contact us today!

Professional, on-time and on-budget is our DNA.