How can Google Shopping Integration help grow your eCommerce Business?

How can Google Shopping Integration help grow your eCommerce Business?

How can Google Shopping Integration help grow your eCommerce Business?


Google Shopping, which was formerly known as Google Product Search, is an online service that allows users to search, find, and compare products from various online stores and marketplaces. Users can compare products by many different attributes and prices. Google Shopping is powered by the Google Merchant Center and AdWords. Our Google Shopping Developer in Los Angeles staff can integrate your eCommerce store with Google Shopping and then run AdWords ads against them. More information about Google Shopping integrations can be found in this article.

Unlike AdWords text ad campaigns, with Google Shopping integration, you are able to advertise your products. This, however, works a bit differently than traditional text ads. With Google Shopping, Google decides when your product listings should be shown in search results. Google does this by considering your feed, product information, store, and market to decide which search queries should trigger those ads. It is vital to have a very well planned product feed that has all the necessary information for Google Shopping. You can find more information about Google Shopping products feeds here.

It also allows vendors to track and monitor the performance of their campaigns, which is a very valuable information for store owners. They can also compare their products with that of their competitors, compare the prices and make adjustments to their store and catalog if necessary.

The first step in integrating your eCommerce store with Google Shopping is creating a product feed in the required feed format. This can be a very complicated task depending on the size and complexity of your inventory. We have many years of experience successfully integrating eCommerce stores with Google Shopping. E-commerce platforms include Magento and Shopify.

Kento Systems, Inc. is a Los Angeles based High-End Software Development company that specializes in scalable eCommerce software development and various API integrations such as Google Shopping integration. For more information or  for a FREE consultation with our Google Shopping Developer staff in Los Angeles, please contact our team at 310-882-7755 today!

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