Integrating Your eCommerce Business with Google Shopping


Successful e-commerce businesses expand their presence to external marketplaces. Kento Systems’ Magento Designer Services that Integrate with Google Shopping provide connecting of your #Magento and other e-commerce business websites with Google Shopping. Integration with Google Shopping improves your business because it expands the reach of your business outside of your website.

How Does Google Shopping Integration Work?

Google Shopping allows businesses to submit product feeds to a Google Merchant account to allow the sale of products. Product feeds are data files that contain specific product information. The purpose of the product feed format is to allow Google to know exactly what products you are selling. After creating and submitting a product feed, Google will review and approve the product data. Products become available for search and purchase on Google Shopping once they are approved. kento Systems’ Marketing team will run targeted advertising on Google to promote those products. That said, it is important that all submitted product data to be kept updated with your website at all times.

Let Us Help – #Magento #Designer Services that Integrate with Google Shopping –

Converting product data into the required product feed format is a complicated task that is prone to errors. Kento Systems offers a module that converts your product data into a product feed for your Magento website. Our module also keeps all product data automatically updated through scheduled product feed update submissions. By using our module, businesses are able to quickly setup and maintain their products on Google Shopping.


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