Sempra Energy Case Study 2018-04-06T17:28:47-07:00

Sempra Energy

About them:
Sempra Energy is an American-owned natural gas and utilities holding company based in San Diego. The company was founded to capitalize on opportunities within the very competitive energy industry. Their focus is on enhancing shareholder value and meeting their customer’s needs.

Project Overview:
The first phase of this project involved resolving data discrepancies between two existing databases the company had, one was on MS SQL server while the other was on IBM DB2- both databases held gas meter information for their residential and commercial customers. The challenge was to discover which database held the correct information (gas meter characteristic and readings) then replicating that info to the other database.

The second phase focused on creating workflows for their gas meter manufacturing and refurbishing plant. Since there was no system in place, the managers could not track the gas meters throughout the plant. Another challenge that managers faced was tracking employee performance/job costing by gathering which tasks were performed by each employee and how long it took them to perform it. Managers needed daily, weekly and monthly performance reports to be generated.

Project Tasks:

  • Develop a workflow system utilizing barcodes to assist managers in tracking their items throughout the plant and the ability to track employee performance
  • Create various reports that enabled managers to be able to track their employee’s performance
  • Design an application to help identify the correct status of the inventory items between the 2 databases and create reconcile/synchronize software that functioned between both the MS SQL server and the IBM DB2 database
  • Manage their development and QA teams

Technologies: PowerBuilder, SQL, Stored Procedures, Triggers, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2