Protect Your Business Against Email Spoofing


Maintaining good company reputation in the eyes of consumers is very important for the success of your business. If customers distrust your company, it will negatively impact the future of your e-commerce business. Protect Your Business Against Email Spoofing to prevent your company’s online reputation.

One of the most common problems faced by e-commerce businesses is email spoofing. Spammers use email spoofing to send out spam that appears to come from a real company such as your own. The recipients realize that the spam emails are coming from your company and consequently lose trust in your brand. Your company loses reputation every time people receive and flag spam from your spoofed email address.

Most email service providers keep track of company reputations and blacklist companies whose reputation drops below a threshold. Spam filters use blacklists for spam detection. As a result, even legitimate company emails are caught by spam filters and left unseen. This negatively impacts your business by disrupting marketing campaigns, preventing important business communications, and losing customer confidence in your brand.

Removing yourself from a blacklist is extremely difficult – Protect Your Business Against Email Spoofing

Luckily, there are a number of authentication methods/protocols that help to prevent email spoofing. Email service providers use the Sender Policy Framework to check which mail server sent an email. This ensures that only emails coming directly from your company’s mail servers are marked as authentic which allows spam filters to function more precisely. Domain Keys Identified Mail is an authentication method that adds an additional layer of email security through a pass-key validation system. Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance(DMARC) is another email authentication protocol used to combat spoofing. This authentication protocol builds upon the previous two authentication methods by adding a handling & reporting component to email authentications. This allows businesses to be able to monitor potential threats and take necessary actions to protect themselves.

Our team at Kento Systems provides services to Protect Your Business Against Email Spoofing by setting up all of these authentication protocols in order to ensure that the businesses we support are able to continue all email communications without unexpected interruptions.

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