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Mann Theatres

About Them:
Mann Theatres was a movie theatre company that operated mainly in the western United States, they had a large concentration of theatres in Southern California. Their company’s motto was “Where Hollywood goes to the movies.”

Project Overview:
As a large chain with over 60 theatres in 3 states, they employed over 50 people to manage all aspects of their operations in order to support the business. They initiated a project to reduce payroll and create efficiencies within their current system. The project entailed transferring all of their current software systems into a new one. After we created and launched the new system they were able to cut over 50 employees, drastically decreasing their bottom line.

Project Tasks:

  • Design and manage the project from start to finish.
  • Create a testing platform and design the hardware infrastructure
  • The application includes the following features:
  • Schedules films in theatres
  • Receives, audits and accrues their daily grosses (tickets, sales, concessions, etc.) via self-developed interfaces of the different theatre ticketing systems
  • Performs settlements with film studios
  • Manages invoices and payments

Technologies: PowerBuilder, MS SQL Server