Makemechic – Other Work 2014-11-03T04:12:24-08:00

The following are a list of other work that Kentosytems has done for Makemechic:

  • Theme Modification:
    The Issue:  The client needed the magento theme modified so that the look and feel of the theme reflected the design specified by the client. This involved adding a custom slideshow to the front page, adding extra social icons to the footer, adding a quick view icon to the bottom left of each product in product listing page, and modifying template, css, and xml layout files for the theme.
    What it solved:  Modified, the CSS stylesheets, template files, xml layout files and images to accomplish the goal of modifying the theme to the clients specifications.
  • Accordion Style FAQs:
    The Issue:  The client needed a dynamic FAQs based dropdown list. When a visitor selects a question from the drop down list, the corresponding answer displays in a separate section below the drop down list.
    What it solved:  Client was able to get answers to questions using the dynamic drop down list.
  • Display Popup overlay:
    The Issue:  The client needed a popup display to be shown when a link is clicked on landing page that displays shipping specials.
    What it solved:  When client clicks on the link the popup overlay displays to see what clothing item is on sale.