Magento: The Best Option for Mobile E-Commerce


Apple Responsive Design Magento E-CommerceThe world of e-commerce has changed dramatically in the past few years, thanks largely to the surge in popularity of the smartphone and digital tablet.  Mobile e-Commerce sites were not even on most companies’ radar a few years ago.  In a post-PC world, the average consumer is now almost permanently attached to the World Wide Web by way of a tiny handheld device with a much smaller screen that operates by the mere touch of a finger. A highly responsive application is critical, and Magento truly delivers.

It’s not enough for an e-commerce site to have highly responsive product pages.  Customers now demand a quick and user-friendly shopping cart and checkout experience as well.  If the ordering process is far too complicated, then customers become frustrated and click off the site before the transaction is even complete.  Magento specializes in shopping cart and checkout applications that are fully responsible and touch-friendly, which is one of the major reasons why over one-third of all e-commerce sites on the web now operate on the Magento platform.

The world has changed.  Business owners can no longer ignore the dominating influence of mobile technology.  If a company wants to remain truly competitive, then a smooth flowing, easy to navigate e-store is now an overwhelming requirement.  And as the digital age continues to advance at a rapid pace, an e-commerce platform that is easily adaptable and highly responsive regardless of the end-user’s chosen device is essential.

In 2014, well over 55 percent of all online transactions were initiated by a mobile device.  And these numbers are only expected to continue to grow by leaps and bounds as time goes forward.  Magento is quickly becoming the industry standard for mobile e-commerce sites and is considered by industry leaders to be the very best option by far.

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