Why Magento is The Best Option for Your Online Store


Magento comes highly recommended as the e-commerce software that can be customized to fit any niche or market. For online enterprises in their initial launching stages to more seasoned sites that are growing at a rapid pace, this open-source software offers the widest range of flexible features that will take your e-store to higher and higher levels of financial success.

What makes Magento so different?

Not all e-commerce sites are built alike, and webmasters don’t usually have the time for the “trial and error” experimentation that comes with most other e-commerce packages.  Magento can be quickly installed and instantly put to use right out of the box.  With endless amounts of customizations, plug-ins, and extensions available through the Magento community, tailoring the software to suit your individual business needs has never been easier.  Even better, Magento has the capacity to grow along with your business.

The Special Features

Everything that you need to launch and manage your online store is found in the Magneto software.  From web design templates to shopping cart plug-ins and SEO tools used for attracting massive amounts of traffic, webmasters can build and launch a professional e-commerce store within only a few hours.

  • Web design no longer requires a coding expert.  Build your e-store with the thousands of available themes already designed within the Magneto community.  Or customize an existing theme to create an e-store that is as unique as your company and product line.
  • Shopping cart and checkout procedures can be installed with just a few clicks of the mouse.  Immediately begin accepting payments through PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon, Simple Pay, Authorize.net, and several other processing options.  Your customers can either checkout as a subscriber or as a guest of the site.
  • Customer Orders Features allow your buyers to logon to the site at any time to see the purchase histories and tracking information of their past and current orders.  Your customers can also create “wish lists” for future transactions.
  • Mobile e-commerce is also a special focus of Magento.  With a highly advanced browser detention software automatically included, Magento optimizes your customers’ mobile shopping experience automatically.
  • Multiple websites and e-stores can be effectively operated and managed through the easy-to-use admin panel.  Manage transactions, issue invoices, ship orders, extend credit, and manage inventory across multiple e-commerce sites in one secure online location.


Magento also offers the highest quality analytics and reporting features that will help you to monitor traffic, generate sales reports, create inventory lists, calculate coupon usage rates, and determine the most viewed and most purchased products in your e-commerce sites.  If you can “imagine it”, you can “do it” through Magento e-commerce software.

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