How To Connect Your Website To Amazon


According to Amazon Integration Services Los Angeles, almost anything you are looking for can be found on

However, they offer a feature that many people are not familiar with, which is called Amazon Integration which allows you place a custom store on your website so you can sell products. You then get a commission on each sale that you get.

You can place an Amazon Integration store on your website by following these simple instructions:

First Step:

  • First you have to go to the page
  • Scroll down to the bottom
  • Find the label “Make Money with Us”
  • Click on “Join Associates” link
  • Follow the instructions to complete sign-up

Second Step:amazon 222

  • Now that you are officially signed up, log in to your “Amazon Associates” account, then at the top right of the page, there is a tab labeled “aStore”, click on it.

Third Step:

  • Choose a tracking I.D. that relates to your business.
  • This is what Amazon uses to identify your store and give you credit for your sales.

Fourth Step:

  • Once you have created your store, you can customize it.
  • Choose the types of items you want to sell by selecting a “category” and “keyword.

Fifth Step:

  • Once you have chosen the items you are going to sell, you customize your display’s look and feel.
  • Amazon has custom themes that you can update with your own choice of fonts and colors.
  • Amazon allows you to insert your custom logo in the header.
  • Just enter your image’s URL into the provided field.
  • *Note, you must upload your image to Webstarts and give the URL that corresponds to the file.

Sixth Step:

  • You can customize your sidebar with widgets.
  • You can choose from similar items, a customized wish list and more.
  • The widgets will promote shoppers to buy more.

Seventh Step:

  • When you are done customizing your page, click on “Finish and Get Link”.
  • Then, on the next page, click on “Embed My Store Using an Inline Frame”.
  • The code that you need for your website will appear in the below field.
  • To copy it to your clipboard, select the item, right click it, then “copy”

Eighth Step:

  • Go back to your “WebStarts” site and log in.
  • Edit the page so your store displays where you want it to.
  • In the page editor, click “insert HTML icon, paste the code in the provided area, click “OK”.
  • Resize the store and position it wherever you like on the page.