Growing Importance of Consumer Data Privacy and Security


In light of the recent Facebook/Cambridge Analytica controversy over the growing Importance of Consumer Data Privacy and Security, other sectors of the tech industry are taking a stand to protect consumer privacy rights.

Due to the fact that most ISPs keep extensive logs of it’s consumers’ DNS queries, there is a lot of information about the consumer that can be extrapolated using their browsing history.

Cloudflare implemented their own consumer DNS service. DNS services are typically provided by the consumer’s Internet Service Providers (ISP) to resolve domain names such as into an IP address.

Cloudflare intends to work on the Growing Importance of Consumer Data Privacy and Security. They are providing a consumer DNS service that will prioritize consumer privacy. They do this by wiping all logs of DNS queries within 24 hours of the query.

In the past year, the Average Consumers have developed more concerns over data privacy and security. It is becoming more important than ever for all businesses involved in the world of technology to understand the importance of prioritizing these privacy and security concerns.

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