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Green Dot Case Study

About Them:
Green Dot is a publically traded company that issues prepaid credit cards throughout the US. Their products are sold in more than 60,000 retail stores, including Walgreens, Radio Shack, Walmart, CVS and more. Green Dot also offers services for transferring direct deposit funds to personal bank accounts.

Project Overview:
When Kento Systems began working on this project, Green Dot’s debit card transaction processing was done by a third party. In order to save money and create a versatile debit card for their retailers, Green Dot commissioned a project to bring the transaction processing in-house. Our efforts were focused on defining the connectivity and security of transaction flow between Green Dot, VISA and MasterCard.

Project Tasks:

  • Gather and organize system requirements from various stakeholders within the company
  • Organize these requirements into functional specification documents for everyone involved in the project
  • Develop efficient methodologies to streamline the creation of the new processing system:
  • Establish connectivity between VISA Association and Pulse Network
  • Create ISO8583 message exchanges between Green Dot’s processor and VISA/MasterCard/Pulse
  • Decode and translate ISO8583 messages into internal business messages
  • Created designs to ensure PCI compliance
  • Define system-wide error logging, monitoring and alerting standards which include network, connectivity, database and application issues
  • Research, acquire and define implementation tasks for Hardware Security Module (HSM) devices to secure data storage including Primary Account
  • Numbers (PAN)/Credit Card Numbers, PIN and CVV/CVV2
  • Create mock-ups for secure transactional and system exchanges between Green Dot and VISA/MasterCard/Pulse

Technologies: .NET, MS SQL Server