Google Tag Manager: Smarter Marketing Through Data


Know Your Customers

Every business wants to know what is the best way to engage their customers. If you know what the customer likes, then you know the best way to gain their business. Data driven marketing is the key to success in e-commerce because it improves advertising efficiency. By making use of data collection tools like Google Tag Manager, you’ll be able to make smarter business choices by using our eCommerce Agency in Los Angeles.

Google Tag Manager: Data Driven Marketing: eCommerce Agency Los Angeles

Kento Systems provides services to businesses to setup their website to use Google Tag Manager. We setup tags on your site that gather information about what customers are looking at on your website. Google Tag Manager works with services like Google Analytics and AdWords to let companies make smarter choices. The data collected from tags allow your business to be able to show customized ads to your customers based on their preferences. Additionally, the collected data allows you to see what areas of your website need improvement. Taking advantage of the data available will allow your e-commerce business to thrive.



Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

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