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For owners of e-commerce sites, there are many terrific platforms available to market product listings.  There are many options like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.  But there is one major online marketplace that many online retailers often ignore – Google.  Try typing the words “red couch” into the Google web browser.   Immediately appearing at the top of the search engine results is the phrase “Shop for red couch on Google” along with a detailed list of available options for purchase in your local area.  Kento Systems offers Google Integration Services so that e-commerce stores can take advantage of the enormous selling power of Google, the world’s largest search engine.

You Can Expect:

Through the use of API technology, our team of integration specialists can boost the overall business operations of any e-commerce website by streamlining inventory controls and synchronizing everything back to the primary company website.  Not only will we get your products to appear in the Google Shop, but we’ll also make them automatically disappear if the items somehow become out-of-stock due to a massive surge in sales.  Once you replenish your inventory, the product listing will once again be visible to the online marketplace through Google Integration and Automation.

Why Google Integration Specialists?

Google Integration Specialists

Let us transform your e-commerce site while making it significantly more user-friendly to your online shopping community.  Protect your online reputation.  Avoid customer refunds and potentially uncomfortable emails and phone calls.  With Google Integration Services by Kento Systems, online retailers never have to worry about selling items that are not currently in inventory.  We streamline and automate the entire process, even synchronizing your inventory with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and other e-commerce platforms.

Advantages of Google Integration Include:

  • Automated listings increase worker productivity.
  • Instantly list items individually or in bulk across multiple Google accounts.
  • Have immediate and total control over your inventory at all times.
  • Get unlimited scalability.
  • Manage an unlimited number of accounts over multiple platforms.
  • Synchronize inventory based on customized protocols.
  • Generate marketing reports with the click of a mouse, including inventory listings of out-of-stock and limited-stock items.
  • Receive product review alerts instantaneously.
  • Manage and fulfill orders easily and instantaneously.
  • Offer international shipping around the world.
  • Bulk list affiliate products instantly, even across other platforms like Etsy and eBay.
  • Create customized listing templates.
  • Get maximized variation control.
  • Connect to catalog websites for relevant product descriptions and specifications.
  • Monitor and revise listings from any location.
  • And so much more!

How a Google Integration Specialist Will Help You:

Google Integration Services in Los Angeles

For most online retailers, selling products and services through Google seems like an almost unattainable dream.  The team from Kento Systems can turn this dream into a reality.  For more information on the range of Google Integration Services available, contact Kento Systems today at 310-882-7755!