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For online retailers of vintage merchandise and homemade crafts, Etsy is the leading marketplace.  But managing multiple product listings can be a very challenging task.  Because many of the items offered by Etsy sellers are so rare and unique, keeping up with the inventory requires extreme levels of dedication, diligence, and consistency.  Fortunately, Kento Systems now offers Etsy Integration Services to make the entire process quick and easy.

When sellers do not manage their online inventories properly, their professional reputation for providing excellent customer service can be in jeopardy.  Refunds to new buyers often follow some very uncomfortable conversations where the online retailer must explain why the purchased item is not ready for shipment.  Will these customers ever return to your Etsy store again?  The more likely scenario is that the new patron is lost forever, never to return.

You Can Expect:

Etsy Integration Specialists

Through the rapidly advancing technology of Application Program Interface (API), the team from Kento Systems helps Etsy store owners to automate inventory levels and product listings.  Whether you have one Etsy store or multiple, Etsy Integration streamlines inventory controls across multiple channels while synchronizing everything with your company website.  Once a customer purchases the last item in a particular product listing, Etsy Integration will temporarily delete the listing from view.

Why Etsy Integration Specialists?

Advantages of Etsy Integration Include:

  • Automated listings increase worker productivity.
  • Instantly list items individually or in bulk across multiple Etsy accounts.
  • Have immediate and total control over your inventory at all times.
  • Get unlimited scalability.
  • Manage an unlimited number of affiliate accounts over multiple platforms.
  • Synchronize inventory based on customized protocols.
  • Generate marketing reports with the click of a mouse, including inventory listings of out-of-stock and limited-stock items.
  • Receive product review alerts instantaneously.
  • Manage and fulfill orders easily and instantaneously.
  • Offer international shipping around the world.
  • Bulk list affiliate products instantly, even across other platforms like Etsy and eBay.
  • Create customized listing templates.
  • Get maximized variation control.
  • Connect to catalog websites for relevant product descriptions and specifications.
  • Monitor and revise listings from any location.
  • FBA ready! Ready to use with Fulfillment by Etsy.
  • And so much more!

How a Etsy Integration Specialist Will Help You:

Etsy Integration Specialists in Los Angeles

Etsy Integration even alerts webmasters as inventory levels begin to reach a certain, pre-defined threshold, giving you time to restock items to keep your Etsy store up and running.  While many online retailers are very aware of the rising importance of API, determining where to begin can be rather confusing.  Kento Systems helps online retailers choose the proper applications and inventory controls to make your life easier.  If you want to boost revenues while increasing productivity, contact Kento Systems at 310 752-9992 about Etsy Integration today!