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One of the most challenging and time-consuming chores for eBay sellers is the creation and management of multiple product listings.  Inventory levels must always be up-to-date to manage and fulfill incoming orders successfully and consistently.  When these numbers are not in synch with the e-store’s current product offerings, your online reputation can take a huge hit almost immediately as negative customer reviews begin to flood your online properties.


The team from Kento Systems helps online retailers by offering a variety of EBay Integration Services that boost productivity, agility, and flexibility.  By taking advantage of the numerous features of API technology, our team of eBay specialists streamline inventory controls and enhance overall business operations across multiple channels quickly and easily.  We will integrate your eBay properties with your company website, coordinating and managing all of your inventory needs across multiple accounts and channels from a single, centralized location.

EBay Integration Specialists

Our team of experienced EBay Integration Specialists use API technology with custom settings based on the unique inventory management requirements of your online business. As individual inventory items reach a pre-determined threshold, the webmaster is notified in plenty of time to replenish the stock.  When implemented successfully, you never have to turn away a single customer.  In special cases where the inventory for an item is completely depleted, perhaps due to an unexpected surge in sales, our EBay Integration Systems will temporarily delete the product from your eBay listings and company website automatically.  This automation of integration saves you the frustration and embarrassment of canceling orders or refunding revenues.

WHY EBay Integration?

  • Automated listings increase worker productivity.
  • Instantly list items individually or in bulk across multiple EBay accounts
  • Have immediate and total control over your inventory at all times.
  • Get unlimited scalability.
  • Manage an unlimited number of affiliate accounts over multiple platforms.
  • Synchronize inventory based on customized protocols.
  • Generate marketing reports with the click of a mouse, including inventory listings of out-of-stock and limited-stock items.
  • Receive product review alerts instantaneously.
  • Manage and fulfill orders easily and instantaneously.
  • Offer international shipping around the world.
  • Bulk list affiliate products instantly, even across other platforms like Etsy and eBay.
  • Create customized listing templates.
  • Get maximized variation control.
  • Connect to catalog websites for relevant product descriptions and specifications.
  • Monitor and revise listings from any location.
  • And so much more!


EBay Integration Services in Los Angeles helps developers create more user-friendly e-commerce sites. 

In addition to inventory control applications, other API technologies exist to creatively link product listings to catalog websites or to maximize social media interaction. By incorporating API integration with your company website, online retailers reduce the risks of shopping cart abandonment across multiple platforms simultaneously. For more information on our EBay Integration Services, contact Kento Systems at 310 752-9992 today!