BrandyMelville USA – Other Work 2014-11-03T04:04:36-08:00

The following are a list of other work that Kentosytems has done for Brandy Melville USA:

  • Theme modification:
    The Issue:  The client needed a theme based on the mockups presented. This involved using a customized slider for the front page slideshow, creating an accordion style FAQs dropdown menu for the FAQs page, and modifying the structure of the XML Layout files, template files, and CSS files so it met the overall design layout the client was looking for.
    What it solved:  Modified magento’s default theme files to match the design mockups created by brandy’s marketing staff.
  • Custom Sales/Inventory Report:
    The Issue:  The client needed a way to keep track of sales totals and inventory. This included a running total of sales broken down by hour, day, week, and month. It also involved a comprehensive inventory tracker to all the client to check on the amount of inventory for a specific product. In addition, the client was able to manage many of the aspects of product management such as adding or subtracting inventory or disabling a product from being shown on the product page.
    What it solved:  Client was able to monitor sales and inventory in realtime. Client was also able to make changes to the products that was traditionally done from the product management page.
  • Tumblr Landing Page:
    The Issue:  The client wanted a landing page where Tumblr would display images on the landing page.
    What it solved:  When user typed in, a script loaded the Tumblr images.
  • Accordion Customer Service Page:
    The Issue:  The client wanted a customer service page that was dynamic and used an accordion style display. When client clicks on a link the page associated with the link would display without making a round trip to the server.
    What it solved:   When a link that is clicked in left hand pane dynamically displays the answer to the link in the right hand pane.