Brandy Melville USA 2014-11-03T03:11:02-08:00

The following are a list of extensions that Kentosytems has developed or customized for Brandy Melville USA:

    Customized Extensions:

  • Facebook extension:
    The Issue:  Needed to configure and integrate Facebook extension into magento so users could log into magento using their Facebook account.
    What it solved:  After integrating the extension into the magento framework, users were able to login using their Facebook accounts.

    Developed Extensions:

  • Kentosystems Just In extension:
    The Issue:  Client needed an extension that allowed him to sort extensions based on a certain criteria and at a certain time so that he could essentially merchandise his products in realtime. The extension observes the just in page product collection and removes products that are out of stock or that are more that 2 weeks old.
    What it solved:  The extension allowed the client to sort ‘Just In’ products under the ‘Just In’ category page so that products would be kept on the product listing page as long as he wished and placed in any order he wanted.
  • Kentosystems_Product extension:
    The Issue:  This extension was needed to ensure that the product quantity and stock status in admin are synchronized. The extension observes product saves in admin and checks if the product stock status (in stock or out of stock) are consistent with the product quantity. It also resets some statistics used in reports.
    What it solved:  The extension ensured the product quantity and stock status in admin stayed synchronized. Also made sure the stock status was consistent with the product quantity.
  • Kentosystems_OrderLog extension:
    The Issue:  This extension was needed to save statistics regarding the server from which activities were performed as they were using multiple frontend servers behind a load balancer.
    What it solved:  Provided client with a mechanism for determining the status of the servers behnind a load balancer.