How To Connect Your Website To Amazon


Amazon offers a feature that many people are not familiar with, which is called Amazon Integration – Connection Services which allows you to post your products to Amazon. Kento Systems offers a module for your Magento eCommerce website that allows the website to be connected to Amazon. Kento Systems Markets Integration Services allows this functionality.

You can place an Amazon Integration store on your website by following these simple instructions:

First Step in the setup for Amazon Integration – Connection Services:

Create an Amazon Seller Account. You can do so by visiting: Amazon Seller Central

Second Step:

Kento Systems will install the necessary components on your website and set it up to be connected to Amazon.

Third Step:

You will setup and specific Amazon SKUs, Descriptions, Titles, Pricing,… on the products you need to be sent to Amazon. These values can be different than values presented on your Magento eCommerce website. You can also define what portion of each product’s inventory will be listed on Amazon.

Fourth Step:

Kento Systems will setup the products and inventory to be synchronized to Amazon. We also setup your Magento eCommerce store to receive all orders placed on Amazon for centralized processing in your website admin area.

Fifth Step:

Kento Systems will monitor the connection between Amazon and your Magento eCommerce store and will resolve any issues that may arise.

Sixth Step:

Once you fulfill an order in your Magento eCommerce Admin, the order status is automatically sent to Amazon together with the new inventory level for that product.

For more information on Amazon Integration – Connection Services Los Angeles Kento Systems provides, please read Markets Integration and feel free to contact us at 310-882-7755.

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