6 Things To Know To Revamp Your Website


A well-functioning and properly designed website can reap tremendous rewards in a variety of different areas for your company brand. The most effective websites are very user-friendly, offer better click-through, and significantly increase conversion rates. Taking the extra time and money to create the best possible website that truly gets effective results can truly pay off big over the long term. Here are 6 Things To Know To Revamp Your Website.

1. Logo Design and Placement

A strong branding image is critically important. A uniquely recognizable company logo is essential if you want to beat the competition. Viewers tend to read from top to bottom and from left to right. Therefore, the more reputable web designers recommend placing the logo in the top-left corner of the home page.

2. Web Design to Complement the Company Brand

The design of your website should reflect the products and services that your company provides. For example, a technology company specializing in the latest modern advancements might opt for a simplistic, uncluttered, and contemporary aesthetic. If the marketing goal is to sell clean, modern products and services, the website should automatically reflect this same objective.

3. Strategic Placement of Key Information

Essential contact and ordering information should be clearly visible in multiple locations and webpages. If customers have to hunt and search for the proper location to place an order, then they might simply click off of your site and head over to the competitor’s site instead. Experienced designers create user-friendly sites that are easy to navigate.

4. Spacing

While it is important to provide the viewer with as much information as possible about the company’s products and services, proper spacing is crucial for a highly effective website. Avoid bunching lots of information together. Use clean margins and incorporate significant amounts of white space throughout the individual pages to break up the content and make the website more easily readable for the average consumer.

5. Imagery

Engaging imagery attracts the attention of the reader, but be careful not to overload the website with lots of generic photographs that do not truly reflect your brand. Avoid clutter, and hire a professional photographer to generate top-quality, relevant images of your products and services. Your customers will likely take note of the higher levels of professionalism and attention-to-detail.

6. Responsive Designs

In this fast-paced world of smartphone technology, a truly effective website must be easily accessible on all sorts of devices. If your website doesn’t translate to mobile media, then your company will miss out on a huge chuck of potential revenue. Search engines today give higher ratings to websites that are mobile-friendly, too. If you want to truly beat the competition, then your site much be adaptable to smartphone technology.

Above were 6 Things To Know To Revamp Your Website. Kento Systems provides CMS and eCommerce website creation and maintenance services in the Los Angeles area. Please read feel free to contact us at 310-882-7755.

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