3 Killer Tips to Help You Get More Website Traffic


For those who truly want to build a committed and loyal following to their website or blog, websites designed by Drupal Developers play a critical role. Some webmasters opt for a more SEO-friendly design, focusing on achieving high rankings in the search engine results. Others follow a few simple guidelines to increase traffic and generate high-quality leads and maximum revenue. So what is the best way to get the maximum number of visitors to your website? Take a look at these quick web design tips, specifically geared towards beginning webmasters.

Focus on Responsive Design

People are using their smartphones to surf the web more and more each day. Websites today need to be mobile-friendly in order to compete in this ever-changing world of Internet marketing. Search engine inquiries from mobile, handheld devices has tripled in the past three years alone. In order for your website to be seen by the highest numbers of traffic, designing a mobile-friendly site is only going to become more important as time moves forward.

Include a Blog

Including a well-written blog on your mobile-friendly website allows the reader to gain new information and insights on a regular basis about your company. If the blog content is relevant, unique, and high quality, you will notice your readers returning for updates on a regular basis. This return traffic can help your business in a number of ways:

  • You can use your blog posts to create backlinks to other pages of your website.
  • With more blog content, your website has more opportunities to generate organic search results.

Make the Website User-Friendly

Try to avoid making drastic changes to the web design on a frequent basis. If your regular customers return to your website, only to see that the format has completely changed, then they may have difficulty in finding their favorite products. If the website is too difficult or cumbersome to navigate, then your customers may stop visiting altogether. Having a proper plan for website navigation plays an increasingly vital role in retaining repeat traffic. Make it as easy and clear as possible for readers to travel from one page of the website to another. When designed properly, viewers will stay on your website longer and likely spend more money.

Tip: For any Magento developer, WordPress developer, or Drupal Developer, it is a must to use Google Analytics on your site. It allows you to identify pitfalls where people are leaving your site right away, where your current traffic is coming from, and how to build from that success.

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