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NBC Universal Case Study

NBC Universal is an entertainment and media company that focuses in the production and marketing of television and motion pictures. They own various television networks, cable channels, motion picture companies, local news stations and theme parks throughout the US.

Project Overview:
NBC Universal has developed a software program called PARIS that is used to process, calculate and disperse participations and residual payments to actors, writers, directors and other entities involved in the film production industry. The system lacked features that enabled support for Late Night shows like Saturday Night Live, Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Kimmel. Kento Systems’ involvement in the project included designs and transition plans from the old semi-automated system to the PARIS system.

Project Tasks:

  • Conduct information gathering sessions with users to determine needs and goals for the project
  • Document current best practices and advise on new software processes to automate various tasks
  • Propose roadmaps for the conversion from the old system (Legacy Filemaker) to the PARIS system
  • Create detailed use cases covering the new proposed processes
  • Create detailed test cases based on business rules documented in the use case documents

Technologies: .NET, MS SQL Server, MS Visio