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Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)

About Them:
The MPAA is an organization that serves as the voice of the motion picture and television industries all around the world. Their goal is to advance the business side of filmmaking and to protect the creative freedoms of the filmmakers. One of their major functions is to review and establish advisory ratings for motion pictures.

Project Overview:
Before our involvement in the project, MPAA had hired another company to design their rating system. After months of work, they realized the system that was being designed was not going to meet their needs. Kento Systems restarted the project and created several potential systems that would take the film from submissions by studios/filmmakers, to being scheduled, to being screened, to being rated. The rating would then be issued and communicated back to the studios through a streamlined and efficient process.

Project Tasks:
Evaluate MPAA’s existing system (CARA) and re-engineer the process based off of the findings
Advise on new designs and functionality for the new system that would meet the client’s needs
Recommend and implement efficient methodologies and defined Sprint cycles and create project plans based on those cycles
Create detailed specification documents which included screen designs and mock-ups to ensure the end result meets specified requirements and needs
Manage the programming team
Create a transition and data migration road map from the old to new system
Evaluate the third-party EIDR database and create integration roadmaps to fully utilize said database
Assist MPAA back-end users of various levels in testing and Q&A at the end of each Sprint cycle

Technologies: .NET, MS SQL Server

Tools: TFS, MS Project, Balsamiq Mockup, SSRS/Business Intelligence