California Power Exchange (CPE) 2018-04-05T20:38:01-07:00

California Power Exchange

About Them:
The California Power Exchange (CPE) was an organization that was formed to create a business-to-business trading platform for electricity in the state of California. At its height, the CPE handled over 75% of the state’s electricity purchases.

Project Overview:
A mandate was made to create a platform that oversees and monitors the market activities to ensure there is no gaming involved.

Project Tasks:

  • Design and development of a compliance application used to monitor the market activities of the electricity industry
  • Utilize PowerBuilder and Oracle to utilize up to six databases at one time
  • Present findings and results into reports and graphs generated using the First Impression OLE objects. These reports were utilized by the Compliance department to ensure there was no gaming or manipulation of the market taking place

Technologies: PowerBuilder, Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server